Mata Hari

Mata Hari
Mood Nightclub
7.35pm (run ends 24th Aug)


Talented cabaret artist Aletia Upstairs writes, composes and presents this one woman show about the life of Mata Hari. Using spoken word and songs she tells us the story of this unusual woman, her loves, exoticism, artistry, misfortunes and how she came to be arrested and executed in France as a spy. The performance is set against a screen on which appears Mata Hari’s prison cell, with the lady herself standing before you… this show brings her alive again.

Upstairs is joyful, sulky, sexy, and seductive as Mata Hari, with beautiful choreography, direction and singing in a show that is both moving and entertaining. This is one of those little Edinburgh Fringe gems, you find yourself in a dark grungy setting off the beaten track, not many people about… and then the silver lights come on, and a beautiful woman sings to us of her extraordinary life. .. and then far too soon it is all over and she is gone. Do go and see this if you can.

Carrie Gooch