SG2014 Review: The Greenville Ghost

Venue (145): C Nova

Category: Comedy
Times: 5:50pm
Dates: July 30-31, Aug1-25, not 12
Stars: ***
Reviewed by Mary Woodward

A young couples hotel is not doing well. The practical Edith wants to set up a website: Charlie, the impractical dreamer, doesnt want to have anything to do with it he is convinced that a media sensation will bring guests flocking to their door, decides that a ghost is what they need, and sets about inventing one. A reporter just happens to pass by, and is invited to stay in the haunted room: the next morning the reporter, after a sleepless night, wants to give the story front-page treatment. The invention grows in complexity and the situation gets increasingly farcical Im not going to reveal any more!

This is an amusing exploration of the lengths to which people will go in order to get media attention and the consequences! Four actors have great fun with a plot that becomes increasingly tangled and surreal. Charlies childlike inability to grasp reality never strays outside the realms of credibility, while Edith maintains her firm grip on reality in the face of enormous provocation. The reporter is cleverly just a little too smooth to be true [“trust me, I’m a real reporter”] and by the time the fourth character appears, the situation has spun out of control so that just about anything goes!

The audience were laughing throughout at some points hysterically! and obviously had a great time. If you want to see an engaging piece of nonsense, thoroughly well done, look no further!