SG2015 Review: Bonnie Fairbrass Master of the Yoniverse

Venue (170): Counting House

Category: Comedy
Times: 1pm
Dates: 24th, 27th & 28th Aug
Stars: ****
Reviewed by John McDonald

Following on from Bonnies appearance as semi-finalist in the So You Think You Are Funny competition of 2006, and her self-proclaimed victory in Funny Woman of that same year (where she was banned from ever appearing again for her needlessly crude and offensive set), Bonnie brings her own brand of marginally salacious comedy to this Years Edinburgh Festival.

Performing here in a small cupboard of a room with limited seating for each performance, you can expect to enjoy a personal hour or so with her, as she delivers an hilarious set which explains, no holds barred, her own path to enlightenment.

Her routine discusses such spiritual matters, such as how much bad cock she has put up with in her life, why most men (and indeed women) are wankers and manginas, as well as the ancient benefits of Yoni Eggs (look it up people).

Her stand-up content may indeed sound offensive (which I guess it may be to some: so warnings given for those of fragile nature/ stiffs), but her delivery is that of your nutty big sister on acid: truthful, insightful, crazy, outrageous and downright, pant-wettingly, funny.

Sometimes brutally honest and open about her own experiences, to the point of shocking (as good comedy should be) Master of the Yoniverse has her audience squirming, roar-laughing and inner-soul-searching in equal measures, and is a highly recommended show.

Go show Bonnie your support in her free show. In my opinion, comedies next big thing.